In April 2017 the Young Arts Group was awarded £1,400 from the Arts Society Patricia Fay Memorial Fund and £1,000 from the West Wales Society to support animation art workshops for young carers in Pembrokeshire.   The Group would like to record their gratitude to the Arts Society as well as the West Wales Committee - and by extension all Society members for their generous support of this project.

Working in partnership with the Young Carers Association and our lead artist Lizzy Stonhold, the project commenced in June and is moving towards completion.

  By kind permission of the Young Carers Association and Action for Children Lizzy and son’ with Lizzy Stonhold’s kind permission  

It is too early to report fully on the success of the project, however the following points may be of interest:

  • We are told the children are delighted with learning to create animations and have since created their own with great enthusiasm. 
  • The final output will be a short film depicting a narrative drawn from the children’s work. We await this eagerly and hope to show it, subject to consent.
National Chairperson June Robinson mentioned the project as exemplifying the Arts Society’s intention to deliver on charitable objectives, in her article entitled ‘The Arts for All’  (The Arts Society Review Autumn 2017)