Amongst those who stood on German streets and welcomed the declaration of war in 1914, were many artists. Some, like Otto Dix, set off for war with enthusiasm.

Other artists like Ernst Kirchner, were reluctant participants. Many recorded their experience, sometimes in snatched moments at the Front; others whilst on leave.

This lecture offers a survey of some of the many German painters and sculptors who had first hand experience of the Great War. Some were official war artists but most not; all have left a fascinating body of work that documents the varied responses to the events of 1914-18. .



Angela Smith

PhD from the Warburg Institute, London University. Author of numerous articles and several books including A Timeline of Art History (2013). Catalogued paintings in galleries for the National Inventory Research Project. Regularly runs courses of study days for The Arts Society on subjects including ‘Women artists down the centuries’ and English church art and architecture. Has contributed to television programmes, most recently an episode of Digging up Britain’s Past.