WEST WALES Lectures Calendar







Visions In The Life of Hildegard of Bingen

Mark Cottel


September 2020

English Women & The French Revolution

Karin Fernald

October 2020

Brunel and the SS Great Britain Collection


Helen Doe 

November 2020

Food & Art through the ages: Renaissance sugar sculptures to 3D printing    


Tasha Marks


December 2020

Treasures of the Fan Museum. An Introduction to the Fan museum & its extraordinary collection

Jacob Moss

February 2021

Sunken Treasures from the East:  Tales of Oriental Shipwreck Porcelain

Marie Conte-Helm                                                                             

March 2021

Public Art

David Worthington

April 2021

The Talent in Tite Street

Jennifer Toynbee-Holmes


May 2021

Dickens, Lawrence & Zhivago: David Lean’s Art of Cinema


Neil Faulkner                                                                                         

June 2021



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