WEST WALES Archive Lectures







The Golden Age of Venetian Glass

Jane Gardiner

February 2017

Crenels & Merlons  Thousand Years of Buildings with Battlements

John Vigar

March 2017

Cartier - Behind The Scenes

Joanna Hardy

April 2017

The Wonderful World of Islamic Art

Sarah Searight

May 2017

Creating A Splash - The St. Ives Society of Artists 1927-1952


David Tovet

June 2017

The Beauty of Frames

Julia Korner


September 2017

A Galaxy of Starchitects

Clyde Binfield

October 2017

Have You Seen My Hobby Horse?

Anna Hallet

November 2017

The Art of Collecting Antiques (Study Day)

Dai Evans

October 2017

West Mercia Study Days

The Renaissance into the Reformation - Power Propaganda and the Popes:

Nick Nelson


October 2017

West Mercia Study Days

The Reformation and Counter Reformation Act Art in the Garden of God:'

Douglas Skeggs

November 2017



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