WEST WALES Archive Lectures







Signs of the Times: How to interpret signs & symbols in Medieval Art & Buildings

Imogen Corrigan

September 2009

Early American Civilisation: Inca, Aztec, Maya.

Ann Sweeney

October 2009

British Eccentrics: Madness or Local Colour?

David Cross

November 2009

The House & Gardens of Normandy

Helen McCabe

Feb 2010

Once Upon a Time: Victorian Narrative Painting

Lizzy Darbyshire

Mar 2010

The Great Twelve. An introduction to the Senior Livery Companies of the City of London & their Medieval Origins


Fennella Billington (Evening Lecture)

April 2010

Brangwyn the Polymath

Libby Horner

April 2010

History of Derby Porcelain and contrasted with its competition

Diana Lloyd

May 2010

The Impact of Handel and his music on 300 years of British Culture

Peter Medhurst

June 2010

The Baltic States: Art & Culture from the Medieval Hanseatic League to Tsarist St Petersburg

Alan Bott

September 2010

Art & Music at the Foundling Hospital

David Coke (evening lecture)

September 2010

The Legendary Lee Miller

Anthony Penrose

October 2010

Wren's City Churches - Glorious steeples & hidden splendours

Tony Tucker

November 2010



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