WEST WALES Archive Lectures







The Georgians at table: Dining in the 18th Century

Phillipa Barton

September 2008

Canaletto. A Foreigner Abroad

Hugh Belsay

October 2008

A History of Jewellery from Elizabeth 1st to Elizabeth Taylor

John Benjamin

November 2008

The History of Welsh Quilts & the American Connection

Study Morning by Jen Jones

Jan 2009

Flowers & Gardens of the Impressionists

Dr. Celia Fisher

Feb 2009

King George III: the most Cultured Monarch

Oliver Everett

March 2009

Palladio: from the stone carver to inspired architect

Hugh Cantle

April 2009

The East India Company

Gerald Davidson

May 2009

Charle Darwin: The Voyage of HMS Beagle

James Taylor

June 2009



For the cultivation, appreciation and study of the decorative arts